4WD to the sea

4WDing is nothing new. Something we always do to get where we want to be – the sea. But we up it a level, and we declare it as an awesome activity by itself. It makes every trip more than a pleasure and almost a high, with two goals in mind. First, to get to and out of destination. And second, not to get bogged along the way. The danger of falling the cliff, or speeding off to the water, well, we rule those out. We are not likely to do those things, or we like to think so, because we are almost careful most of the times.


Skimboarding? Somewhere in between. Brad can brave the cold. I am just a happy camper being cold. Thank you very much.


It is a very exciting means to a wonderful end. But mind you, we always have our fingers cross all the time. There is always that feeling of “we want to get home scot-free.” And then we see the brightness of the deep blue ocean. All is worth it, especially if we get to take home a couple of fresh Herrings for dinner.


Perhaps we learn to explore the idea of the traveling towards the sea beyond skimboarding, or exclusively chasing the stoke of conquering those mythical waves. We feel that the ocean has taught us how to commune in the true essence of padagata.