The Banner Roll

It was just a banner, really, then someone started something which turned out to be pretty cool. From the major spots in Luzon, across the islands of Visayas and all the way to Sarangani in Mindanao, we were there with the locals. Oh, we were even there with the locals of Singapore. (Uhuh, guess which picture). padagata had always been pro-locals.

A banner, couple of shirts and bunch of stickers were not much of a tangible support, but as one local put it, “that banner means the world to us.” It was an honour to have a mutual relationship with the local skimboarding communities throughout the country. Good times.

It was the golden age of Philippine local skimboarding, not because of padagata, but because the locals made skimboarding a real camaraderie sport. Sure there were differences, but everybody did their best for skimboarding.

If those years projected the high tide of the local skimboarding scene, we saw its low tide too. We watched it literally from afar as most skimboarders moved on with the realities of life. Someone had to be a parent. Someone needed to get a job. Someone had a broken heart. Some died. Some went to prison. Some went overseas. Yolanda destroyed Tanauan. Some left skimboarding for surfing or whatever latest extreme sport at hand. But all was well, except there were barely anyone left to usher the new generation of some local communities we knew of, like Bacuag.

There were still local teams which pushed through. New spots found, even new groups. Yey to them!

Fast forward to now… just hang on there because we might just pop up on the nearest shoreline.