Competition Discrimination

I would like to restate my deleted comment in a post that I was tagged in:

Ky? Ngano man?

My comment was an innocent courtesy that got me here with my curiosity. So here I am with my two cents.

The man of the hour is Sonny Boy “Bayogyog” Aporbo. It could be anybody, really, because this issue is not something new. Everybody knows he is the rockstar of Philippine Skimboarding for years and years. But why does he always have to ask organisers if he could compete or not lately? I know, right? Isn’t that utter discrimination just because he is damn good at what he does?

The ultimate first excuse is, he already competed overseas and won there. If you ask me, it does not count. Why? Because, no offence, those competitions he won were not on a professional level. He did not beat any pro skimboarder, or say the least, qualify for the final heat. Had he competed and won over the likes of Blair, Austin or Bill, he’d be scratched by default. I would encourage mass protest or competition boycott for that matter. LOL.

Bayogyog is gifted with versatile and consistent skills. I have seen this kid rise to stardom. Yes, it comes with a certain degree of arrogance, but he always has humility at bay. I personally attest to that. And if I sound partial… does anybody care? I don’t think so. #suckit

Second excuse, “give chance to others.” Lame. The competition itself gives others a chance. Does that make sense?  Is there a particular rule that excludes nth-time champions? If Yogi’s skills intimidate others, then they have no business competing. It is either they have to up their game to beat him, or stand on the shore and watch him win again. And “give chance to others” sounds like, “Watch out !!! This competition is rigged.”

Funny that, I do not know any sports that preclude athletes from competing just because they are good and keep winning. #onlyinphilippineskimboarding

This is not my concern, really. Again, I just indulge my curiosity on why my empty comment is deleted in a post that I am tagged in. It does not make sense, and I think it is rude because I am tagged in the first place. #onlinemanners

Is it because I might possibly stir the issue or certain people? Ah… so I have been told. *yawn* There you go, I stir it clear.

(You’re welcome.)