Grassroots Surf: Tabla Boys

For most of us, we associate surfing with a thing shaped from foam, covered in glass fiber and resin, which we call a surfboard. It is not the case in some remote areas. Whether they are influenced by visiting surfers or just an innocent act of engaging oneself to the joy of riding waves, kids in different ages and sizes find whatever piece of material, which planes on the water and gives them the purest joy of wave riding. From broken cabinet doors, plywood, planks and old boat hulls, it does not matter, as long as they are having fun gliding and harnessing the energy of the ocean.

According to study, white water created by breaking waves produces positive ions. These ions enter our bodies and induce endorphins, which result to euphoric state when we are out in the water. This kind of bodily high is like blue electric current running through our veins and then… stoke happens. — c. badfish