Jaygo Go Go!

We are proud to introduce our first skimboarding ambassador: Jaygo G. Missiona

After so many days of getting to know this fella, who by the way, does not have any idea about padagata, we offer him the chance of a lifetime. Of course, we forgive him. padagata has been out of sight for too long, but all ends well for him and us.

Why now?

Because we always love supporting local skimboarding, and this time, our focus is the locals among locals. The grassroots. These are the riders who want to be in the bigger scene, event or competition, but short of means. And because we want to create more local competitions in home beaches, so to encourage and to sustain skimboarding as a board sport or beach sport that should be acknowledged beyond a hobby or a springboard to surfing. Yeah, take our words against us because it is true in so many ways.

Why him?

We think Jaygo is the next big thing. Many vouch for him. We trust their judgment. We trust Jaygo. He has a great skill set, no doubt, but it is his attitude, passion, persistence and sunny disposition which seal the deal.

And yeah.. we are in the business of spreading magic and making dreams come true through cosmic love. #nothigh


photo: ctto